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To help you decide which is the best fish oil for you, I will explain the qualities I think you should consider.

And, I’ll identify the product that I believe is the #1 best fish oil in the world.

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The Best Fish Oil Must Have These 5 Virtues

Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA fish oil is the best in the world!Obviously, you want to buy the best fish oil supplement on the market so you can maximize the benefits of fish oil.

From my perspective, there are 5 key considerations when you are deciding the best fish oil to buy.

1. Maximum Disease Fighting Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation in the body causes many diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes and some experts now believe that inflammation causes all chronic diseases.

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.

But not all fish oils are equally effective in reducing inflammation.

The product I recommend, which is produced by a company in New Zealand called Xtend-Life Natural Products, has 2 ½ times the anti-inflammatory properties of regular fish oil! And the manufacturer can prove it.

In a clinical study conducted by Trinity Bioactives, part of the Wellington School of Medicine in New Zealand, Xtend-Life fish oil was found to have 2 ½ times more anti-inflammatory properties than regular fish oil (consisting of 18% EPA and 12% DHA) and almost twice the anti-inflammatory properties of highly concentrated tuna oil. You can see the results of this study here.

Maximum anti-inflammatory disease fighting power is a big reason why I believe Xtend-Life makes the best fish oil on the market.

2. Complete Purity, No Contaminates

The purest fish oil is the best fish oil.

You’ve probably heard about impurities – contaminates such as mercury and PCBs – in some fish. These toxins can be very harmful, especially to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Purity is measured by the amount of heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins present in the fish oil.

Hoki fish used by Xtend-Life for their fish oil come from waters off New Zealand. That’s right, from the pristine Southern Ocean, not from the more crowded shipping lanes that much of the fish used by competitors comes from. And not from fishing areas that are shared with deep water oil rigs.

There are four international standards for purity, the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS), the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) standards, the European Pharmacopoeia standards and the Norwegian Medicinal Standard.

However, Xtend-Life self-imposes much stricter purity standards. For example, their standards for mercury are 10 times lower (better) than the standards set by international organizations, their PCB level is 18 times better than the CRN standards and their dioxin levels are four times better than the international standards require.

The result is an incredibly pure, safe and effective fish oil. In fact, the best fish oil in the world.

3. Guaranteed Freshness

If fish oil is not handled promptly and properly, it oxidizes and becomes rancid. Yuk!

Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil is the best in the world!Some manufacturers still use it, often masking the rancid smell with fragrances or a lemon flavor.

While fish oil that is not rancid promotes heart health and numerous other health benefits, rancid fish oil has the opposite effect, actually promoting heart disease and other chronic illnesses!

So, don’t be fooled.

Give your fish oil the taste test. Cut or bite open the capsule and taste it. Instead of the strong fishy smell of rancidity, the Xtend-Life DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil will have a slight fish flavor or, perhaps, no fishy flavor at all because of its extreme purity and freshness.

The result is that you will not get the ‘fish burps” and fishy aftertaste that some fish oil products cause.

Xtend-Life imposes oxidation specifications that are much lower than the international standards. And in this instance, lower is better. It means that there has been less oxidation. The result? The most pure and the freshest fish oil – the best fish oil – on the market.

Xtend-Life is so sure of its product’s purity and freshness that it offers a money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their best fish oil product, you simply return the opened bottle and get a replacement or a full refund.

In an era when you sometimes can’t find a customer service representative with a GPS, ya’ gotta love a company that makes your satisfaction its #1 priority.

4. High In Omega 3s, Mainly DHA

Omega 3 fatty acids, called “essential fatty acids” or EFAs, are the most important components of fish oil.

There are actually 8 EFAs, but two of the varieties, DHA and EPA, have been proven to be the most valuable.

DHA is the most complex and beneficial EFA that has been isolated and studied. Chemically, it is a 22 carbon chain bond with six double bonds. DHA is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain in infants. It is also required for maintenance of normal brain function in adults.

The inclusion of plentiful DHA in the diet improves learning ability, whereas deficiencies of DHA are associated with deficits in learning. DHA is taken up by the brain more readily than any other fatty acid.

EPA, which has 20 carbon bonds, is also valuable. However, it is difficult for the body to convert EPA to DHA because it has to add two carbon bonds. On the other hand the body only has to ‘drop off’ two carbon bonds from DHA to create EPA.

That’s why the best fish oil has more DHA than EPA.

Xtend-Life’s fish oil is made largely from hoki fish that have a particularly high concentration of DHA, making it ideal.

Check the label of Xtend-Life’s DHA fish oil and you’ll see that it has plenty of both DHA and EPA, but more DHA.

5. A Company That Believes In Transparency And Making You Happy

Shopping online has benefits that you can’t get just pulling a product off the shelf at your local grocery store or nutrition store.

Mainly, shopping online gives us the ability to get more information about the product we are considering.

Sure a product on a grocery store shelf has a label that describes the contents, and you definitely should read that label if you are considering that product, but we want more information.

For example, isn’t it helpful to see documentary proof from an independent laboratory that the fish oil you are purchasing with your heard-earned money is completely pure?

And wouldn’t you like to see proof that it has the maximum anti-inflammatory properties?

And wouldn’t you want to see documentary evidence that the product meets the highest industry standards for freshness?

To its credit, Xtend-Life Natural Products gives all this, and much more, at its website.

My Conclusions

Pure. Fresh. Maximum anti-inflammatory capacity. Loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA. And backed by a company that stands behind its product by offering a money-back guarantee. What a no-brainer!

From my point of view, Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil is easily the best fish oil in the world.

One final point.

Be sure to visit the Xtend Life website to learn more about fish oil. Even if you decide on another product, you will be better off as a result of what you learn there.

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